About Us

The anniversary of the start of the first world war is an important opportunity for us all to reflect on the horrors of war.  We must also remember the many human triumphs which accompany the atrocities of such times.  Talbot House is such a triumph.  It was, and is, a sanctuary, a home from home, where rank is forgotten and all men are equal.  Set up by Reverend Philip Thomas Byard Clayton, known to all as Tubby Clayton, and Reverend Neville Talbot, its ethos to offer all a safe haven from the stresses of war and of simple things, like living away from loved ones and familiar streets.  Talbot House is now a museum today in Poperinge, Belgium.  In 1974 our charitable trust was set up to offer education and care to young people with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties.  A safe haven, where all are equal with a fresh start every day.