Lower school

Karen Preist, our Assistant Head of Primary and Senco provides leadership to all areas in our lower school.  There are three separate areas within the lower school, Primary Nurture, Aces and Aces 2.  The lower school is not just for primary-aged children, we have young people within our two aces provisions who are older chronologically but require the learning environment within these specialist units, to allow them to reach full potential. 


The children within Primary Nurture are likely to move into upper school when the time is right for them, however timescales are determined by need.  Our Primary Nurture area is on the ground floor at the right hand side of the building and it was refurbished in 2014 with funding from various grant sources (please see our grant funding page). Aces is at the front of our building adjacent to the car park and the children in there have a mixture of complexities which can affect how they learn.  Aces 2 is similar, the children who attend there also have complex needs, predominantly Autism Spectrum Condition.  They are in a detached building at the back of the site with its own playground.  The children in Aces use the upper and Aces 2 playgrounds, although we do have plans to develop in this area.  Play is an important part of social development and fitness.

Two members of the care team are assigned to the lower school, which ensures consistent positive behaviour support.  Thrive is woven into each lesson, with the children also allocated one to one Thrive slots with a practitioner in our dedicated therapy suites.

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