At Talbot House School we are committed to providing all of our children in Years 7 to 11 with a comprehensive programme of careers education,

information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) and work related learning (WRL). 

Our vision: 

We aim to deliver: 

  1. A stable careers programme 

  2. Learning from career and labour market information 

  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil 

  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers 

  5. Encounters with employers and employees (at least 5) 

  6. Experiences of workplaces 

  7. Encounters with further and higher education 

  8. Personal guidance 



At Talbot House School we support our whole-school approach to careers education, information and guidance by making explicit links within subject areas and specialisms, and also sharing this with the children. Throughout years 7 to 11, we are committed to providing opportunities that link to the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks and help guide pupils to further education and career aims of their choice. Pupils will have the opportunity to study a range of courses, some of which could be within our vocational centre where construction, decorating, mechanics and hair & beauty are available. There are also opportunities for pupils to attend work experience placements linked to the career of their choice.  Our school website will provide parents, carers and pupils information from employers, training providers, educational settings and pupil services, with links to their websites (see CEIAG link). Our Careers Lead will meet regularly with pupils from years 7 to 11 as well as with parents and carers to provide support and assistance throughout their time at Talbot House Trust, and in the years that follow during their transition into further education, training and employment. We ensure careers is embedded throughout the school and audited regularly. Our pupils' progress will be monitored against the programme criteria we have recently re-developed. Using these tools we can regularly evaluate programme effectiveness, increase quality with Staff CPD and ensure the consistency of our work experience programme across the school. Both staff CPD and planning ensure the incorporation of careers themes in all curriculum areas. 



All pupils will take part in a careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) programme that: 

  • Inspires, inform and guide pupils 

  • Centres around the pupil and their needs 

  • Integrates the pupils’ experience of the whole curriculum 

  • Encourages all pupils to consider their career throughout Key Stage 3 and 4 

  • Encourages all pupils to develop decision making skills 

  • Provides each pupil with high quality, impartial advice 

  • Raises aspirations and promote equality and diversity 


Talbot House School will measure and assess the impact of the careers programme in a range of ways: 

  • Pupil engagement 

  • Pupil attainment 

  • Feedback from pupil/parents/carers 

  • NEET figures 


Next Steps: 

By the end of the Spring Term 2022 we will have implemented planning and procedures will start in Summer 2022. They will include: 

• Ensuring the consistency of our work experience programme across school. 
• Create whole school displays to showcase careers and Labour Market Information (LMI) 
• Evaluating and developing a National Careers Week throughout the whole school. 
• Actively network and let others know about our careers programme. 
• Ensure career aspirations and learning goals are incorporated into pupils’ EHCP outcomes. 
• Regularly monitor the careers programme and make changes in light of feedback from all stakeholders. 
• Continuing termly CPD on the careers program. 
• Develop the range of voluntary and statutory agencies involved in our careers program. 
• Actively involve learners in the planning, delivery and evaluation of the careers program.