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Covid-19 Update 

Throughout the pandemic, both our school and our children's home have been fully operational.  As is the case for many schools, we have children who are vulnerable, some have parents who are key workers, or find it difficult to engage in learning online.  Of course in our children's home, it is and always has been business as usual since March 2020 despite having had two outbreaks affecting several members of staff.  The trust senior management team appreciate greatly the dedication and commitment our staff teams have shown. 

Our school’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment document is linked on this page and is updated in line with recommendations and guidance.  At the height of the pandemic, the school team provided online learning and remained in regular contact with the children whose parents or carers preferred to keep them at home and participate in our remote learning timetable.  At Talbot House, school is not just about learning academically, our social enrichment curriculum was greatly affected by restrictions, and although we still need to be careful we are pleased to be able to take the children off-site a little more.  The staff team made sure to see our children face to face too and delivered food hampers to them weekly throughout 2020. We are now providing food shopping vouchers for our families at holiday times.  We tried to provide the most engaging remote lessons we could but we are glad to have children back fully integrated into the school day. ​

Covid-19 remains a very real threat to our way of life, and as we near the end of the second year in the fight against the virus, we are all now coming to terms with the fact that it is here to stay, and we need to find a way to exist alongside it.​  Although school closure, or partial closure, is something we strive to avoid, it is sometimes necessary. We ask that you ensure we have at least two emergency contact details for your child, especially telephone numbers for more than one parent or carer so that we can get in touch with you in this event.  Use the link to the right and an email will be sent to the admin department to update the information provided.

​Government guidance is being updated with regularity, we have added some links to the websites where this is published.  We hope that we do not have to return to restrictions and remote learning, but if that does occur, we are confident in our planning and preparation for that.