Lateral Flow Testing 

The government issues the Trust with Lateral Flow Device (LFD) testing kits for Covid19 regularly.  Since September 21 the testing protocol has been for individuals to test at home. The idea is still to capture those people who are positive for Covid-19 but are showing no symptoms.  Schools are asked that all staff and children test twice weekly if in secondary with no requirement for primary-aged children to test at all.  However, we ask that all of our children test in this way, if they are able to, as this is in the best interests of all who attend school, staff and children alike. 

Schools in specialist settings are still advised to test pupils during the first week back after a holiday at the start of the new half term.  In certain circumstances, for instance, if cases begin to rise or a new variant is identified, it may be necessary to return to in-school testing.  Tests will only be conducted with parental or carer's consent and the form for that can be accessed by using the link on the right-hand side of this page.  All of our staff have received training on how to test others.  We will enter data about your child on the track and trace website when we register their result and if positive will ask you to collect your child as soon as possible, and if they are symptomatic, ask you to arrange a PCR.  If it is not possible for you to collect your child from school, we will endeavour to get them home to you as soon as possible, where you can arrange for a PCR.  After that, isolation rules will invoke, so we will ask that you keep your child at home until the result comes in, and also advise you on how long to isolate them if the PCR result is positive. Please keep us updated on the restuls. Close contacts do not always have to isolate, however we will take a discretionary approach to this and ask parents to consult with us on the safest approach.  In any event, LFT testing should take place for close contacts for 5 days and only when two negative test results have been received from days 5 and 6 can your child return to school.  

We have developed strong links with Public Health Newcastle since the beginning of the pandemic and consult with them regularly, even now.  We are required to inform them whenever a member of staff or a child tests positive even if they are not at school.   They have asked that we consider all illnesses as potential Covid-19 infections and to test accordingly, therefore if your child is at all unwell, please seek a PCR, and no matter what the result, continue to test with LFT devices until they feel better.

Children who live in our home and the staff who work there will test twice weekly for the foreseeable future.  The links on this page will give you more information.