Our children in Primary are KS1 and KS2 children (aged between 5 and 11) and they are likely to move into our main school when the time is right for them. We, in conversation with parents and carers, determine the timescales based on where the individual child’s needs can be best met.  Primary is on the ground floor at the right hand side (if viewing from the gate) of the building and it was refurbished in 2014 with funding from various generous grants (please see our grant funding page).  The children in primary nurture enjoy a bright and colourful environment with their own playground and access to the facilities within the rest of the school.  There is a high level of supervision which ensures the needs of the children as described within their education health and care plans, are met.  Take a look at some of the links on the right hand side of this page for more information about what the children learn.