Referral applications

How are children placed at Talbot House Trust, in either the school or our separate children's home, or sometimes in both?  If you are looking for a place for your child or a child you are working with, please give us a call or email, details below:
Education in our school

We are registered for up to 60 children aged between 5 and 18 years old.  Our trust documentation describes what the charity stands for and who we can admit.  Generally in school we take children who have a special educational need, where they have social, emotional or mental health differences affecting the way they are able to learn.  Most of our children have an education, health and care plan or are being assessed for one.  The plan is created by the local authorities' SEN support officers and is formed from assessments which collect information from school staff, educational psychologists, health and social care professionals, the parents or carers and the child themselves.  We use these documents to evaluate whether or not we can meet the primary need for the child we are being asked to consider admitting in our school.  The local authority sends us those documents along with a request for us to consider admitting the child, together with the detail about additional support and specific requirements.  Parental choice is a very strong factor in the decision made about where a child should go to school.  Each local authority has allocated workers for families to access when going through this process, they are there to support and guide you.  We are also happy to put you in touch with such contacts, it is an understandably daunting time when moving your child's school.  While most referrals come to us from the local authority where the family live, we are happy for parents and carers to get in touch directly with us, often having a look around can help to determine whether we are a good fit.  Email the referrals address below or and someone will come back to you or call on 0191 2290111. Use the link above to find out more about EHCPs.

LA referrals can also be made directly using or via the NEPO portal, where administration will manage the process and ensure replies occur within the allotted timeframe. 


Our children's home is on a section of our first floor.  It is 'L' shaped, having bedrooms on one side and living areas on the other.  We have accommodation for up to 5 children who are aged between 7 and 18 (or just before their 19th birthday).  The children who live with us typically have a variety of considerations meaning that they cannot live in a family environment.  All of our rooms have ensuite shower rooms and are modern and stylish.  If you are a placements officer or social worker looking to place a child or young person, contact Jo Reiling on 07970 836322 or Sophie Robinson on 0191 2290111 or send information to bearing in mind that we only take planned placements, and are not registered for emergencies.