Talbot House School

We pride ourselves on               re-engaging young people with their learning, offering a broad curriculum which celebrates success and achievement.

Talbot House provides a variety of skills training and qualifications, preparing students for further education and employment. 

                           A note from Head Teacher, Christine                                         Smiles..


                                     Although not quite the start of the summer term we were                                                   expecting or the Easter Holidays, I would like to take this                                                   opportunity to share with you the plans leading up to the end of                                         term and the start of the new term while in these                                                               unprecedented times.


I and all the staff were sad when the guidelines from the government announced that schools would close. Initially I think we all thought it would only be for a short time but here we are, about to start a new term and no plans for schools to return to normal.


I would like to thank all our parents/carers for the support we have had from you all during this difficult time.

The work packs will be coming to an end but we have plenty ready in preparation. Our staff are working from home to ensure that education can continue, all be it in a different form. Our next work packs will have some activities as well as a continuation of the work sent out before Easter. I have asked our teachers to think about activities that you can do as a family together in an interactive way, we understand it can be difficult for some of our children to engage in learning. Look out for our teachers new Twitter pages, they are currently developing these so they can share with our children, information will be in the next work packs. You can also find some useful links on our website.

I hope you have been enjoying the food hampers we have been delivering. I know we have had some fantastic feedback when our staff have dropped them off.  We will continue with these while the current guidelines are in place. I know the staff who are delivering the hampers look forward to seeing our children. We will also continue to contact you all during the week, each week, we want to make sure you are all coping and if there is anything we can to do help.


I hope you all managed to make Easter as enjoyable as possible, it is a difficult and strange situation to be in. We will keep you up to date with changes but please contact us if you need to.


I know all the staff at Talbot House are missing our children, so can I send our thoughts to you all, stay safe, stay at home and hopefully we can all get back to normal as soon as possible.














"Talbot House provides a mentoring and personalised intervention programme for young people who have developed complex and high dependency needs."

​Ofsted highlighted the quality of provision and achievements of children at Talbot House."

"Talbot House also has a residential children's home.  Please see the residential page for details."

"Applications for admission to Talbot House are normally made by the Named Officer of the Local Authority in whose area the young person lives."

Aim of the School


Our aim is to nurture and inspire our pupils to become motivated and successful young people who are equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.  We do this by creating a positive, supportive and stimulating environment that promotes the development of children's academic, spiritual, social, moral and physical learning.