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We pride ourselves in the ability to     re-engage young people with learning by offering a broad and balanced curriculum which celebrates success and achievement.

Talbot House provides a variety of skills training and qualifications, preparing students for further education, employment and social aspects of adult life.

Aces science
Aces science

Snow in Walbottle
Snow in Walbottle

An english lesson
An english lesson

Aces science
Aces science







Spring Term 2021


The start of the new year has brought some extra challenges for us. I don’t think anyone expected us to start the new year like this. However, with the continued support from our parents and carers we have been able to bring back some of our pupils. We understand that this is a very worrying time for all, we respect your decision if you have chosen to keep your child at home until you feel it is the right time for them to return.


We will continue to communicate to you all that we are doing everything we can to ensure we are keeping both children and staff safe in these difficult times. We are offering a wide range of blended learning; we will continue to work with those parents and carers who have chosen to keep their child at home. We will offer personalised learning that best suits their needs, because we understand that our children don’t always learn the same way. The staff are here to support children throughout the day. Please contact the teachers if you need further guidance.

We have started our lateral testing, this is carried out twice weekly, all our staff have completed the training. A huge thank you to everyone who has given consent and to our children who have participated in the testing; they have been fabulous, never complaining.

We have been limited in what we can offer for our enrichment activities program. We have been unable to visit places we would normally go to. However, we have adapted our program so that all activities are now on site. We are pleased to say this has been successful, our children have adapted well and are now trying out different activities that they wouldn’t have normally done. This shows how resilient our children are and how much they understand the seriousness of this pandemic we all are facing.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please email me at christine.smiles@talbothousetrust.co.uk or contact the school and ask to speak to me on extension 208.

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A note from our Head Teacher, Christine Smiles.

Aim of the School


Our aim is to nurture, inspire and prepare our pupils for adulthood. We want our pupils to become motivated and successful young people; who are equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.  To do this we create a positive, supportive and stimulating environment which promotes the development of children's academic, spiritual, social, moral and academic learning. 

At Talbot House School we personalise learning to ensure we meet the needs specified for each child, we deliver a "stage not age" approach for our children, who have developed complex and high dependency needs.  

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Click on the image above to see the latest news letters from both upper and primary. Its a really good way to see what our school is all about.

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Thrive uses arts and play-based activities in a targeted way to support healthy neural development, promote a positive sense of self, develop creativity, support emotional and social development and build optimal learning capacity.

Acheived and maintained since 2017.  This award isnt just about school food, it also represents excellent work in promoting health and wellbeing across the entire school day.