Talbot House School

We pride ourselves on               re-engaging young people with their learning, offering a broad curriculum which celebrates success and achievement.

Talbot House provides a variety of skills training and qualifications, preparing students for further education and employment. 

                           A note from Head Teacher, Christine                                         Smiles..



                                        A warm welcome back and Happy New Year to all. I would like to                                              welcome new staff who have joined us this half term. Helen is our                                              new Assistant Head of Primary and she joined us at the beginning                                            of the spring term, also Rebecca, learning support in primary who                                              will join us midterm. We will also be advertising for learning support staff in the upper school and an additional primary teacher during this half term due to the increasing numbers in primary.


Spring term 1 is always a difficult half term, dark mornings and nights continue and the weather isn’t always the best. However, it also means pupils can continue to build their skills in ice skating as the outdoor arena is open throughout January. Pupils really enjoy ice skating and many of our children have been able to experience this and have learnt how to ice skate.


We raised nearly £400 in our Christmas fair. The school council have met and they discussed what we could use the money for. The council has agreed that half the money will be used to build pupils’ life skills. Pupils will plan a shopping trip, buy food for various charities and deliver food parcels to them; some of the charities are: homeless shelter, animal shelter and care homes for the elderly. The school council asked if they could use some of the money for new footballs, pool balls and cues, football nets and table tennis equipment.


Some of the events we will be covering this half term are: national handwriting day, 23rd January, national story telling week, 1st – 8th February and safer internet day, 11th February.


Full details of all our events can be found by clicking on the following link:

Spring Term 2 2020 - Events









"Talbot House provides a mentoring and personalised intervention programme for young people who have developed complex and high dependency needs."

​Ofsted highlighted the quality of provision and achievements of children at Talbot House."

"Talbot House also has a residential children's home.  Please see the residential page for details."

"Applications for admission to Talbot House are normally made by the Named Officer of the Local Authority in whose area the young person lives."

Aim of the School


Our aim is to nurture and inspire our pupils to become motivated and successful young people who are equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.  We do this by creating a positive, supportive and stimulating environment that promotes the development of children's academic, spiritual, social, moral and physical learning.