Talbot House School

We pride ourselves on               re-engaging young people with their learning, offering a broad curriculum which celebrates success and achievement.

Talbot House provides a variety of skills training and qualifications, preparing students for further education and employment. 


                                      A note from Head Teacher, Christine                                        Smiles..








We are fast approaching the end of the autumn term, more importantly the lead up to Christmas, and what a year it has been. It has been difficult for everyone and I would like to thank all our parents / carers and pupils who have supported us since opening fully in September. We have had to make some adjustments since returning, the list has been endless - face coverings, hand sanitisers, classrooms adjusted, windows open more and seating plans to name a few. Our biggest challenge was our enrichment program. We had to think of ways to adjust the plans we had, it was tricky, but we did it!  At the start of December, it felt very good to get back to some of our venues. Fingers crossed this will be able to continue after the Christmas holidays.

We welcomed our 1 day OFSTED virtual visit on 5th November. If you haven’t yet read it you can find it on our website. The following week we had our ‘Covid related’ Health and Safety visit. We welcomed this and were so proud to be told what a great job we are doing.


Who would have thought that this year we would see everyone wearing face masks and following a one-way system, taking temperatures and sanitising our hands at every turn around school, not to mention planning three sittings of Christmas dinner, spaced out on tables 2 metres away from each other and three different Christmas Fayres (in 3 bubbles) with no guests to invite except for staff. The last day of term annual visit from Santa and breakfast has also had to have some changes. Santa will be very busy visiting the bubbles, (Covid measures in places, sanitising, change of costume before delivering the presents in each of the bubbles).

We would like to inform our parents and carers that on Monday 14th December we will be posting out (2 x £20) food vouchers for every family. The children will return to school on Tuesday 5th January 2021, (Monday 4th January is a training day).


We always like to share what we are doing in school so I hope you will take some time to look at new photographs on our website for upper and primary as well as recordings of pupil voice. Don’t forget our Face Book and Twitter pages.


Can I take this opportunity on behalf of the Trust, myself and all the staff to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas.

Thank you.


Mrs C Smiles

Head Teacher



Aim of the School


Our aim is to nurture and inspire our pupils to become motivated and successful young people who are equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.  We do this by creating a positive, supportive and stimulating environment that promotes the development of children's academic, spiritual, social, moral and physical learning.

"Talbot House provides a mentoring and personalised intervention programme for young people who have developed complex and high dependency needs."

​Ofsted May 2019

Strengths of the school:

  • The school provides a safe and nurturing environment for pupils to learn. Pupils feel safe.  

  • Effective support is provided to ensure that pupils’ well-being and mental health needs are met. Relationships between staff and pupils are very positive. Pupils enjoy school as a result. The majority of pupils behave well in lessons when the work they are asked to complete meets their needs and interests. 

  • Governors demonstrate dedication and commitment to the school. They regularly attend meetings and training. They visit the school frequently and are keen for improvement. They know pupils well and are aware of the work that must be done to help them with their difficulties. 

"Talbot House also has a residential children's home. Please see the residential page for details."

"Applications for admission to Talbot House are normally made by the Named Officer of the Local Authority in whose area the young person lives."

Tranquil rural surroundings.