At Talbot House we have teachers who have a good positive attitude to help students settle in and get the best education

possible for the big world.  

We offer the best school home made meals made by the school dinner ladies, who have a good sense of humor and are very friendly.  We offer educational activities in the afternoon for students to communicate with each other and make positive friendships.


(K.AN, Year 11 / 03.11.2016)

The best things about Talbot House is the amount of support you get in the school if you are upset or need assistance with


In the afternoon there are activities like football, bowling and going to the beach.  The school lunches are homemade and 

absolutely gorgeous, I know they are lovely, I have had them!  If you are really good in the school you can get pocket money too.  

We have breaks between lessons and a break for tea and crumpets, so the lessons aren't like mainstream at all.  Anything else you want to know about Talbot House or if your child wants to come to this school, contact the Head Teacher, Crispian Woolford or Deirdre Pearson on the contact us section on the website.

(D.N, Year 11 / 04.11.2016)