Trustees at Talbot House


A note from the Chair

                                        My name is Chris Matthews, I have been a trustee at Talbot                                                            House for several years and took the role of Chair of                                                                      Trustees in 2014.  Our board is diverse, made up of many                                                              professionals and parents and others with a vested interest in                                                        making sure the young people in our care meet their full                                                                  potential.  Any new trustee expresses a great sense of                                                                    fulfillment from the work we do here as it is clear to see the                                                            difference we make in the every day lives of children who often                                                      face diversity.  We have compiled a few frequently asked                                                                questions below.





What type of young people attend Talbot House?


Young people who find it difficult to succeed in mainstream environments often have low self esteem and don't have high expectations of themselves.  Most children have a statement of special educational need or an EHCP, and have complex needs.



How can I express an interest in accessing your services for my young person?


We currently receive referrals from parents/carers, local authorities and from some mainstream schools and pupil referral units.  We have a formal referral process which ensures we match well within our existing cohort and the individual concerned.   

Is there a uniform in the school?

No, we ask that our young people come into school feeling comfortable and ready to enjoy their day.  We don't want to encourage barriers to learning in any way.


Why is Talbot House different to a mainstream school?
We tailor our learning for individuals, we look for the key for each person.  We don't have a uniform, our teachers are all on first name terms, our lessons are shorter and we have a wide activity program to encourage social development and life skills.


How can I become a Trustee?


Apply to myself through the management team at Talbot House.  You will be invited in for a tour with our Chief Exec, Deirdre Pearson, and a brief chat about the experience and values you can bring to our board. Then you would be invited to a trustee meeting to observe and assuming all are agreeable, vote the new member in.


What is the role of a board of trustees?


The board are there to make decisions about the overall mission and direction of the charity.  They are there to hold the management team to account and are ultimately responsible for governance in the organisation.  We frequently take a skills audit of our board and are interested in having a board of trustees which gives us a good range of experience.  Our current board of trustees is made up of parents and individuals with experience in local authority, finance, law and careers.