Upper School Curriculum

Our upper school is typically for children of secondary school age, that is those who are in years 7 to 11 and in key stages 3 or 4 (aged 11 to 16). The key stage 4 curriculum is planned carefully using the National Curriculum (England) - Key Stage 3 and 4 standards.  While the subjects of english, maths, science, art and photography are provided in line with these specifications, the subject of PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) education is provided within the standards provided by the PSHE Association.

Our aim is that pupils across the curriculum will read and write with a purpose, with improved resilience, self-esteem and self-worth due to their ‘can do’ and ‘have a go’ attitude.

The enrichment curriculum offers foundation subjects that are AQA unit award-linked. Pupils experience a varied curriculum such as preparation for adulthood, life skills, environment, health and fitness, wellbeing, team building and music. Each curricular topic includes first hand real life experiences such as a off site visits, practical skills development and projects. The enrichment curriculum focus captivates the pupils’ enthusiasm for learning through experiences and enhances their progress and personal development.

English Curriculum

Maths Curriculum

PSHE Curriculum

Science Curriculum

Music Curriculum

Art and Design Curriculum

Enrichment Curriculum

The subject handbook is the curriculum document and contains a little about the members of staff, what they do, their curriculum and  how we assess the work.  The subject mapping links take the reader to a document which details how we will incorporate key elements, like reading and diversity, within subject lessons.